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You’ve gotten your degree and are all set to embark on your career. But, where do you begin? How can you make sure that the path you are on is the right one?

A hand book for the quest

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Learn to navigate the path from the ones who are already in places you aspire to be. Explore their stories and find answers to all of your fears and doubts, however big or small they may be.
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Frequently Asked Questions is a community of like-minded students and working professionals, who want to shape the future of tech individuals for the better.
What do you aspire to be? What’s stopping you? Ask all your questions and get the right answers here. Also, connect with your college mates and other students like yourself.
This platform is an empowering space for like-minded students and working professionals.
Get the right advice from industry experts who are in places you aspire to be. Connect with your college alumni and learn from their experiences too.
Worry not! We have a specifically curated community for working professionals right here.
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