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Who we are
Enhance and empower the tech careers of your students by getting the right tools to have an overview of all the jobs your students have applied to while tracking their career journey and status.
Who we are

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Bannari Amman

Benefits to the Institution

Track Job Activity

Placement officers can track students’ job search activities and manage all departments’ data in one place.

Help to Students

Help students to find their first job and allow them to manage their job hunt.

Get the Success

Achieve succesful results for both you and your students with 100% visibility of the whole process.


Benefits to the Students

Personal Branding

Create a CV, Cover Letter plus a portfolio of your achievements and projects


Interact with like minded passionate individuals who are out to master the tech world.

Job Tracker

Have an overview of and manage all of your job applications in one place.


Speak to experts in the industry and get the right advice.

Find Jobs

Apply to, and find the job of your dreams in a tech focused community.

Personal Guidance

Have the right guidance and tools that help you get the best first job.

Secure the future of your students with us!

We offer tools & guidance to build your students’
dream careers right from campus.
An easier and more impactful platform to scale your career!
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