Public Relations/Media Interns

May 24, 2023
5000 / month
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Job Description


• Collaborate with internal teams, particularly the marketing department, to develop PR campaigns and media relations strategies.
• Maintain open communication with senior management to ensure alignment with company objectives and messaging.
• Edit and update promotional material and publications, including brochures, videos, and social media posts.
• Assist in the preparation and distribution of press releases.
• Support the organization and coordination of PR events, such as open days and press conferences, and act as the company’s spokesperson when needed.
• Identify opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising to enhance the company’s PR efforts.
• Address inquiries from the media and other relevant parties in a timely and professional manner.
• Track media coverage and stay updated on industry trends to provide valuable insights.
• Prepare and submit PR reports to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and initiatives.
• Assist in managing PR issues as they arise, ensuring a proactive and strategic approach.

Enthusiasm and passion for the respective field
Strong communication and teamwork skills
Basic knowledge and understanding of relevant tools and technologies.
(Specific requirements may vary by position)

Practical experience in a professional work environment
Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals
Networking opportunities with industry experts
Letter of recommendation upon successful completion
Students completing 90 days of Internship will be eligible for a stipend.

Duration: 45 to 90 days