Production Trainee

February 14, 2023
8250 - 9000 / month
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Job Description


1. Avoid reportable and near miss accidents

2. Avoid breakdowns due to abnormalities

3. Deliver planned output

4. Prevent defects due to assignable causes

5. Own and implement improvement project


1.Avoid unsafe acts relating to the assigned area

2 Identify and eliminate unsafe conditions.

3.Identify and eliminate abnormalities

4.Perform the tasks as per job instructions

5.Carry out process parameter inspection as per SOP and record

6.Adjust the process parameters (as per SOP) to meet the product specification

7.Proactively identify the potential problems and communicate to the leader

8.Follow reports and record keeping procedures

9.Distinguish the defects in the incoming parts and segregate them

10.Provide the components to QA as per frequency mentioned in the procedure

11.Take countermeasures for defects, losses and abnormalities

12.Standardize the improvements with the support of TL.

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