Museum & Arts Management Internship

April 21, 2023
10000 / month
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Job Description

The Internship exposes the interns to working on the collective heritage of India, especially South India, covering tangible and intangible heritage – visual and performing arts, crafts, traditions and cultural practices. Key focus areas include:


  1. Museum: Collections, Archiving, Conservation and Library
  2. Education and Training: Research, Arts and Museum Management, Exposure and Orientation for students
  3. Events and Experiences: Exhibitions, Calendared and other Events, Cultural Tourism, Crafts-shop, Crafts-bazaar


  1. Administration: General administration, human resources, ethics, legal matters, premises management, secretariat for the Board
  2. Finance and Accounts: Fund raising, budgeting, tax matters, servicing the Board on finance and accounts.

Focus Areas: Collections Management, Archiving, Conservation, Curation & Exhibition Design, Arts in Education, Programming / Event Management, Hospitality, Administration and Operations

What can the interns expect to gain?

  • Obtain hands-on pre-professional experience, knowledge and skills that employers in the sector seek, by functioning in a museum environment
  • Update technical theoretical knowledge on museums
  • Learn about the governance of a museum and gain an understanding of its structure, administration and operations
  • Develop their ability to identify, assess and solve varied on-the-job challenges
  • Assess and develop individual professional goals and boost career prospects
  • Acquire knowledge and skills on specific aspects of museum work
  • Spend time on meaningful work and/or a concrete project
  • Build networks and friendships to further professional and personal interests
  • Use the opportunity for immersion in diverse living cultures
  • Strengthen sensitivity and awareness of societies of India, especially South India
  • Add to a free database for those seeking information, contributing to public good
  • Increase awareness of current trends and emerging issues in the broader community of museums
  • Obtain a certificate and a letter of reference based on an evaluation of the intern’s performance

Duration: 11 months / commencing July 2023

Working hours: 9.30am – 5.30pm 6 days a week (Tuesdays off), 2 days of Academic work (classes) and 4 days of Department work.

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