Inside Sales Internship

May 22, 2023
2000 / month
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Job Description

Responsibilities include:

1. Conduct research and identify potential customers within the target market or assigned territories
2. Initiate outbound calls, emails, or other communication methods to engage with prospects and convert them into sales opportunities
3. Build and maintain strong relationships with existing customers to foster loyalty and drive repeat business
4. Regularly follow up with customers to ensure their satisfaction, address any concerns, and identify upselling or cross-selling opportunities
5. Work closely with the sales team, marketing team, and other departments to align sales strategies, share market insights, and optimize customer experiences

Skills & Requirements:

1. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to engage customers effectively over the phone and through online channels
2. Strong persuasive and negotiation skills to drive sales and close deals
3. Results-driven mindset with a track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets
4. Ability to build rapport, establish trust, and maintain long-term relationships with customers
5. Strong organizational and time management skills to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
6. Familiarity with sales techniques, objection handling, and consultative selling approaches

Number of openings : 5