Human Resource (HR) Internship

May 22, 2023

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Job Description

Responsibilities include:

1. Develop and implement effective recruitment strategies to attract and hire qualified candidates
2. Create job descriptions, advertise job openings, review resumes, conduct interviews, and participate in the selection process
3. Develop, implement, and communicate HR policies, procedures, and practices in alignment with company goals and legal requirements
4. Design and implement employee development programs, including training initiatives, performance management systems, and career development plans
5. Facilitate employee onboarding and orientation processes
6. Promote employee engagement initiatives, such as employee recognition programs, team-building activities, and employee feedback mechanisms
7. Provide support to employees on HR-related matters, including conflict resolution, disciplinary actions, and grievance procedure

Candidate Profile:

1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to interact with employees at all levels of the organization
2. Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive employee information with discretion and integrity
3. Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities
4. Detail-oriented with exceptional organizational and time management skills

Number of openings :5