CCTV Technician

February 16, 2023
9000 / month
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Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing security cameras, computer networks, and additional equipment used in surveillance systems
  • Monitoring the operation of security equipment for malfunctions or other difficulties
  • Recording events on camera and storing footage in a digital format for future reference
  • Maintaining logs of security incidents and making sure they are reported to applicable personnel
  • Installing and conserving security equipment such as alarms or access control systems
  • Reacting to security breaches or other emergencies such as fires for medical emergencies
  • Controlling computer systems that monitor surveillance  feeds for activity
  • Organizing with law enforcement agencies and other security personnel when crimes are committed
  • Conducting site inspections and discussing requirements with clients
  • Specifying equipment and configuration to be used in the installation
  • Providing quotes and measures to clients
  • Routing cables through buildings including roof spaces, under floors, and through cavity walls
  • Linking alarms systems to phone lines and internet connections
  • Boarding, calibrating, and programming equipment
  • Testing equipment, diagnosing and repairing defects
  • Completing installation documentation and following established methods
  • Linking equipment to the main power

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