Is something wrong with me if I’m rejected at interviews often? ​

Nope. There is nothing wrong with you if you are rejected at interviews often. Not everyone is the perfect fit for a job, if that was the case, the first applicant would get the job at all interviews!

Let’s take a look at this issue with a pinch of reality. There is nothing wrong with you, but something you might do or say might portray that to the interviewer. Think about the rejections at interviews. Did you get out in the first round or the last round? Did the HR like you but management didn’t? Or was it the other way around?

Taking a look at which round of interviews the rejections keep happening will help you pinpoint where things are going downhill and find out what exactly is making it happen.

Acing job interviews is a skill

A skill that can be honed. Reach out in your circles and ask people about their interview experiences and how they tackle the tricky questions. If you do not know anyone that fits, then you can always drop a question or leave a comment on a discussion within a room at imapcteers.club. People are more than ready to pass on knowledge and empower freshers, thus, no need to think that being rejected at interviews is going to stick with you for long.

Your resume should be yours, not a copy

The main job of a resume is to get a call back from the recruiter. Getting an existing resume and replacing information might have worked in the older days, but freshers are getting creative now, and so are the recruiters. It is extremely easy to differentiate a resume that was made with effort and a resume that was just copied and edited. You are a brand, and you are selling your skills to a recruiter, so having your voice in your resume is the best way to go.

Be philosophical

Some things in life are just out of your hand. Just like everything else, chemistry and comfort play a huge role in hires too. Sometimes you just don’t click and that’s okay. You will find a company that thinks like you and thinks highly of you. At the end of the day, almost everyone gets rejected at interviews, it’s what you learn from this negative experience that matters.