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How is different from other platforms?

Chances are, you’re used to using a few different websites in tandem to manage your career and create a well-rounded network of peers! We’re building as an all-in-one, user-centric career development platform to help students and working professionals make connections, share stories, get the right advice from alumni and like-minded peers, and thrive in a supportive community.

Does cost money to join?

Nope! There are no subscription fees or sign-up fees whatsoever.

Where can I learn more about

Glad you asked! Follow us on Instagram here or on Twitter here, or sign up for our mailing list here to get regular updates about the platform.

What features does offer to help me achieve my goals? is full of rich features to help you reach your career goals… and we’re adding more all the time! Here’s a quick overview of a few things you can do on the platform:

  • Join a room to discuss certain topics you’re interested in and find other like-minded users
  • Create content to start genuine conversations and collect valuable feedback from alumni and other students

If you’re still looking for help navigating the platform, review the tutorial here or send an email to

How does the mentoring section work?

Currently, the mentoring section isn’t fully operational. However, we’re working out the kinks and you can expect the following functionalities soon! allows you to become a mentor, find a mentor, or both. If you’d like to become a mentor, set up your profile, indicate your availability, then wait for a mentoring session request from a mentee. If you’d like to find a mentor, set up your profile, set a goal, then search the network for an appropriate mentor. Once you find one, request to book a mentoring session with them.

How do Rooms work?

Here at, we use Rooms to group content by interest. Following specific Rooms will allow you to explore and create content you’re invested in.

Once you are in a Room of your liking, to create a post, make a comment, join a discussion, or share an article, you must first follow the said Room. (For example, if you’re interested in writing an article about usability testing, you must first follow the usability testing room.)

What's the difference between an article, post, and discussion?

An article is a longer form of written content that elaborates on a specific topic. Articles are shared within specific topic Rooms.

A post is a shorter form of written content similar to any other social media post that may share daily thoughts, life updates, images, etc. Posts are shared within specific topic Rooms.

A discussion is a group forum led by a user asking a specific question. users can add comments answering that question and engaging with other responses. Discussions can be found at the bottom of your user dashboard.

I have a suggestion, comment, or question about the platform or community - how should I provide feedback?

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Click here to fill out our feedback form. If you have a specific question or more detailed feedback, send an email to

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