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Published on: 05th Sep 2021

Our Mission

Our mission is to help tech professionals figure out who they are and what they have to offer in a supportive community so they can build the fulfilling careers they want long-term.

Our Community Values


We’re honest about where we are in our career journeys and trust the community enough to show up as our true selves. It’s how we run things around here (we’ll be the first to say isn’t quite where we’d like it to be yet!) and how we expect our members to operate as well!


We don’t show up to take, we show up to give. We get that life in general (and not to mention works best when you seek to help others. Real relationships form, networks get stronger, and we distance ourselves from that toxic self-serving attitude recruiters can sniff out from a mile away.

So go ahead and ask questions and find a mentor – but also be prepared to answer Qs and consider what you could share to benefit the community.


Come as you are, but don’t expect to stay as you are. We’re ambitious professionals who are constantly changing, learning, and growing. We may not know how to get to where we want to be yet, but we’ve all got big goals and a growth mindset. We also understand that negativity can be an enemy of that growth – while we’re genuine about our feeling and experiences, we seek to build each other up whenever possible.

Life > Work

When we’re talking work-life balance, life will win every time. Even if our day-to-day doesn’t reflect that yet, our mindset does. We take a holistic approach to improving our careers. We’re not here to get ahead in work alone, we’re more interested in building a fulfilling life. (And the 9-5 is a big chunk of that!)

This also means we’re not too concerned about being buttoned-up over here. Think casual Fridays – it’s not quite the weekend, but you’ve got the freedom to let your hair down, chat about what’s on your mind, and be yourself while still getting stuff done.

Safety & Inclusivity

Community is strongest when all feel safe, valued, and listened to. Professionals of all ages, gender identities, races, sexual orientations, abilities, and other identities are welcome here.

We do our part to moderate content and make sure all users abide by common-sense rules. But beyond the rules, we trust users when they say something isn’t right. If you ever feel uncomfortable in the community or need to report a problem, let us know here.


We trust you guys to do the right thing, but legal made us do it. Here are the must-dos and the no-nos:

Be a nice person

Bullying, harassment, hate-speech, trolling, abuse, or overall rudeness of any kind is not tolerated on the platform.

Be yourself

Not just in a feel-good way – identity theft or impersonation of any kind is not tolerated on the platform.

Don't self-promote

No spam, no selling, no self-promotion. (Hyping yourself up about a recent win is fine as long as you have a point!)

Be appropriate

Think G, PG, sometimes PG-13. Yes, we’re all adults here, but pornography, explicitly sexual content, excessive swearing, and content that may make others feel deeply uncomfortable or offensive is not tolerated on the platform.

Stay on-topic

Discussion boards & interest-based Rooms are there for a reason – conversations naturally veer away from the point from time to time, but do your best to post content in relevant channels.
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