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About impacteers.club

impacteers.club, is a community platform that offers a unique environment for young professionals to gain industry exposure and develop the skills needed to succeed in impactful careers.


Together, we want to make a difference

Our mission is to enhance and empower the tech careers of passionate individuals around the world by providing the right guidance and tools for them. We want knowledge to be accesible, amazing job offers real and exchange easy.


We believe in the power
of an impacteers

We exist to help techies stand out and succeed in their career journeys, right from campus by creating a platform that enables millions to build a career, share their stories, and interact with their peers within an impactful and supportive community.

Our Leadership Team

Krishna Javaji

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

This sounds simple, but has a profound impact! Knowing that I have built
systems that help people in every day makes my life happier than
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We believe in what we do, and are dedicated to creating a community that uplifts the working world. 

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Our Core Values


We achieve more when we all collaborate and work together.


We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest, transparent relationships.